You have a great idea we make sure you can execute it.

We specialise in making sure you are protected and can focus on your business.

Taking the leap to start your own business is difficult enough, especially if it's from a safe corporate job with a nice salary and benefits. The 9-5 will no longer apply to you, you're going be working basically 24/7 around the clock. And the key things that are going to drive your decision making is what is going to bring my business more revenue. And rightly so, without cashflow it's going to be hard to pay the bills let alone grow into a mature business.

This is why so many startups fail. Because, as it can be asset, the single focus can be a downfall. There are so many other factors that you need to be wary and mitigate to run your business successfully. Compliance, Contracts, Policies, Administration and Payroll. These 5 areas are essential to run a business. This is exactly why we've created a tailor made solution for startups that help protect your business, making sure you can focus on growing your revenue with the peace of mind that everything else has been taken care of.
Our Startup Solution
  • Chloe Fast, Head of People and Culture
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    The Employment Innovations Payroll team are the best I’ve worked with. They make it easy for me to focus my attention on other priorities because I know I can rely on them to deliver a timely and accurate payroll service every time – and on the rare occasion there’s an issue, their customer service is exceptional and very personable.
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    Chloe Fast, Head of People and Culture

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