You've grown, and just gone with the wind. We make sure you optimise your operations, for continuous success.

We specialise in making sure your business is optimised for success.

Like most businesses, you find yourself in a situation where you have experienced a period of growth, perhaps even rapid growth. But you're now coming to the realisation that there's a few things that need some tweaking to make sure things continue to run smoothly, to ensure you continue to grow.

We deal with businesses like yours, daily. Through this we've found out the key areas where you need attention most and have designed a solution to ensure you can continue on the path that has led you to this point. Leadership, naturally you are a leader - but it's important to ensure a pipeline of leadership is there to take your business from strength to strength. What's your Employee Value Proposition - why should someone work for your company? And what does the workforce capability and industrial relations strategy look like for you?

Our Optimisation Solution

  • Chloe Fast, Head of People and Culture
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    The Employment Innovations Payroll team are the best I’ve worked with. They make it easy for me to focus my attention on other priorities because I know I can rely on them to deliver a timely and accurate payroll service every time – and on the rare occasion there’s an issue, their customer service is exceptional and very personable.
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    Chloe Fast, Head of People and Culture

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