You're growing, expanding, hiring, it's all happening. We make sure it's sustainable, and you keep growing.

We specialise in making sure your business grows sustainably, and with the right tools to execute your strategy.

You've nailed the foundations. Have your core market identified, have a steady stream of revenue and cashflow. But you're not going to settle for that. You're ambitious and want to grow, you want to expand, open a few new offices/sites, grow your team and grow your business.

Growth. That's the one word that is on your mind.

We've been there, and have guided businesses through this stage successfully time and time again. So much in fact, we've made it into a science. We've designed a solution, tailored for businesses like you who are looking to grow. Making sure your payroll is scalable, your business is agile. That you have access to workplace expertise when you need it most, that your employees are being managed correctly based on performance. And most importantly, that you are planning your strategy correctly.
Our Growth Solution
  • Chloe Fast, Head of People and Culture
    chloe fast kogan
    The Employment Innovations Payroll team are the best I’ve worked with. They make it easy for me to focus my attention on other priorities because I know I can rely on them to deliver a timely and accurate payroll service every time – and on the rare occasion there’s an issue, their customer service is exceptional and very personable.
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    Chloe Fast, Head of People and Culture

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