Outsourced Employment Services

Achieve greater organisational agility, improved efficiency and reduced operational overheads, whilst focusing on what you do best
The Outsourced Employment service provides businesses with a Human Resources and Payroll infrastructure, which alleviates the risks of non-compliance, ensures employment relations are managed to best practice and reduces the administration burden.

Employment Innovations leverages the experience of a national team of HR and Payroll professionals, underpinned by a legal firm to support businesses in an innovative and efficient manner, providing a competitive advantage.

Within the Outsourced Employment team we have over 75 years combined experience providing HR support to Australian businesses. With a sound understanding of the underpinning employment legislation, operational experience and a culture of innovation, our team of HR consultants are able to work with businesses to control wage costs, increase productivity and ensure staff are employed to provide the greatest competitive advantage that can be gained from their human capital.

Outsourced Employment is relevant to all businesses in Australia, and in particular those that feel the pinch of increasing costs, rapid growth and stringent employment conditions. We have specific industry solutions for Hospitality, Retail, Fast Food, Professional Services, Mining, Civil & Construction, Restaurants and Franchise Networks.

Outsourced Employment Services for Small & Medium Businesses


Each business is provided with an HR Business Partner as their main point of contact to facilitate the change management in moving their business to the Outsourced Employment service, ensuring minimal disruption to staff and operations. The HR Business Partner has access to a Compliance and Risk Manager and a legal team, to ensure all employee related legal compliance requirements are met.


The engine room of the Outsourced Employment service is a team of HR Administrators who take care of the administrative and transactional burden of employing staff. They ensure all new staff receive and sign employment contracts, manage systems, handle and resolve employee queries and ensure that business owners and managers do not get bogged down in the administrative aspects of employing staff.


Employment Innovations leverages workflow driven HR technology to ensure best practice, accuracy and efficiencies are gained for the business, including Time and Attendance, HRIS and Payroll systems.


The risk of employing staff is taken on by Employment Innovations as we become the legal employer of staff working at a business. This ensures compliance with all employment related legislation coupled with a best practice approach to managing human capital. Businesses maintain the operational control of their business, staff, rosters, rates of pay and performance levels, and are assured that Employment Innovations takes on the risk of ensuring that compliance is not compromised.


The Outsourced Employment service is a full end to end solution commencing with employing and inducting staff with valid contracts through to ensuring staff are paid correctly and on time. The dedicated Payroll Coordinator will manage the payroll process, with employee payslips available to employees via an online dashboard and queries fielded by HR Central. In addition to processing pays, as Employment Innovations is the legal employer in this instance, all statutory entitlements and on-costs are similarly managed by EI, including Superannuation processing, Payroll Tax, Workers Compensation Premium and Pay As You Go withholding tax.

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