HR Consulting

HR Consulting Services for Small & Medium Businesses

When a business finds itself in situations involving third party regulatory bodies or knows they need to improve their people management capability, but do not have the expertise or resources, EI’s HR Consultants are available for once off, short-term or long-term projects.

HR Consulting for Small & Medium Businesses

With a presence in most major capital cities across Australia, we can provide assistance with ad-hoc tasks, parental leave cover or part-time HR support to most businesses. Our experience lies in providing HR services and knowledge to SMEs which are often out of reach and restricted to larger businesses.

Expert HR Consultants

EI’s HR Consultants are guided by current and best practice principles, underpinned by the latest technology solutions to ensure innovative and best fit solutions are applied. Our HR Consultants are also equipped with bundled HR Solutions to raise the HR maturity and ensure that businesses gain a competitive advantage through their human capital.

This is a high touch and personal service offering, involving on-site time and being imbedded within the business. Costing models can be by the hour, a retainer or bundled with EI’s other solutions.