Maybe it's time you Rethink Your Workplace? You definitely won't be the first.

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There are four key stages in any businesses lifecycle. We have tailored hr solutions to help you not only excel in your current phase, but help you transition into the next


Not sure where to begin? Maybe it's time for a Rethink.

In all our years of operation, time and time again we see the same conversation being had. "I don't know where to start, but I know I need to do something". This is why we've created a simple tool we like to call a Workplace Rethink. Sit down with a workplace expert who will run through a quick workplace audit of your business to quickly identify areas of opportunity in your business.

Book a Workplace Rethink


Employment Innovations (EI) is Australia’s leading workplace management solutions provider. Since 1992, we have helped thousands of business rethink their workplace management to help them transition, grow and excel. We’ve helped business small and large. We’ve helped mum and dad family shops grow into national franchise leaders, and helped big businesses get even bigger. Our services are designed to alleviate businesses with the burden of workplace management, and turn it into an asset for them and their bottom line. We have over 60 specialist staff and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth servicing over 600 clients each year.

Employment Law Advice

In Australia Employment Law is complicated, and for most businesses it's something that is handled reactively when an issue occurs. Most commonly it could be an unfair dismissal claim from an employee, or perhaps a restructure of your business which requires new contracts.

Regardless of your issue, the legal team at Employment Innovations specialise in employment law and industrial relations. We work with businesses large and small - from entire franchise networks to small business owners to help them stay compliant and navigate complex employment law to ensure a positive outcome.

Employment Legal Advice

Employment Law

Industrial Relations Expertise

Enterprise Agreement Making

Human Resources (HR) Services

For many business owners Human Resources is something that sounds nice, but is hard to put tangible ROI on. Again, similar to employment law - it's something that is often done reactively or alternatively your human resources department is stuck in the day to day and is unable to add value to your organisation

We offer outsourced HR services to businesses of all sizes. If you are a business with no HR department, we can be your HR department offering you a complete outsourced HR department. Or, if you are a larger business with an HR department, we can take the burden of the heavy administration tasks freeing up time for your internal resources to be focused on more value added tasks. Regardless of your businesses size, we have outsourced HR solutions to meet your needs.

HR Consulting

HR Outsourcing

Employment Liability Insurance

Outsourced Employment

Migration Services

Australian businesses are finding it harder and harder to find qualified skilled staff to fill their open vacancies. There are many programmes the Australian government has created to facilitate this. It is complex, and not having the correct understanding can lead to more complications and increased costs. Our team of Migration lawyers can help your business ensure you are getting the correct visa and having it approved to get your staff working as soon as possible

Whether you are a large business looking to transfer staff between your international offices, an overseas business setting up in Australia or simply a local business trying to fill the skills shortage gap - our team of Migration lawyers will help you.

Standard Business Sponsorship

Subclass 457 Visa

Subclass 186 (Employer Nomination Scheme)

Subclass 400 (Short Stay Activity Visa)

Payroll Services

No matter what your business does, if you employ staff - you need to pay them. Running payroll takes a lot of time and expertise in Australia - there are many regulations, awards and calculations that need to be interpreted at every payrun. This can vary drastically from industry to industry.

As a business, you should be focusing on running your business. Our team of payroll experts can fully manage your entire payroll function. Regardless of your payroll frequency, whether its weekly, fortnightly or monthly - our team can manage your entire payroll.

Payroll Services

Payroll Outsourcing

Award Interpretation

Superannuation Clearing Services